Ristorante Galleria Cefalu
Welcome Prosecco for 2 adults + juice for children
Via Mandralisca, 23, &, Via XXV Novembre, 22, 90015, Cefalu
+39 0921420211
Keywords: Grill / Pasta / Seafood /
Additional Terms & Conditions
Pre-booking and mention of Malta Discount Card is required on weekends and Public Holidays.

If you find yourself hungry after exploring the Museo Mandralisca, be sure to pay a visit to Ristorante Galleria Cefalù. This charming restaurant specialises in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, making it the ideal destination for food enthusiasts.

Ristorante Galleria Cefalù offers a delightful menu featuring swordfish, tender veal, and mouthwatering antipasto dishes that you can enjoy with friends, creating a memorable dining experience. What sets this restaurant apart is its reputation for serving delicious cheese, panna cotta, and gelato, providing a sweet conclusion to your meal.

The restaurant boasts a versatile wine list, ensuring every guest can discover a perfect pairing for their palate. Following a long and tiring workweek, you can unwind with refreshing lemonade, a rich espresso, or a revitalising ristretto.

Visitors often praise the cheerful and attentive staff, highlighting the restaurant’s commitment to providing excellent service. The prices are reasonable given the high quality of food and service offered. Moreover, Ristorante Galleria Cefalù exudes an exotic ambience and boasts stunning decor, enhancing the overall dining experience.

View the menu here: https://qrmenu.restaurant/risto.asp?i=237&p=CH9UY7OX3Q

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